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Next up we've got Maggie. She's down 20lbs over the past 4 months, her METCON scores/times are steadily improving, her strength numbers aren't losing any ground and she's looking AND feeling great. She takes us through her macro-based diet, how it works for her and how she diets while still LIVING LIFE (including beers). On a more serious note, dieting is critical for her as she battles MS. Check it out...

How would you classify your diet (Zone, Paleo, Flexible Dieting, Macros, etc.)?

I have been counting macros since January with the help of Working Against Gravity (WAG) coaches. I don’t really call it a diet but more of a way of living.

Would you say your intake is more quantity or quality based?

A little of both quality and quantity. Counting macros requires you to have a certain amount of intake daily and of that quantity I try really hard to consume the highest quality of foods. Lots of fresh veggies and white fish and chicken. Even with the meats, I try to get the best quality (no growth hormones, 100% grass fed, etc.) Fresh Market has a nice selection and decent sales weekly.

What does a typical day of food look like for you (types of food and/or amounts, timing around workouts...just a typical diet plan for a regular training day)?

Breakfast I normally do a protein muffin with fresh fruit, greek yogurt and powdered peanut butter or a muffin with pepperjack cheese and some Canadian bacon along with black coffee during the week. Weekends I have more time so I will go for the omelets and turkey bacon or splurge on a country ham slice! Lunch is usually a large salad with either grilled salmon, shrimp or chicken (very little vinaigrette dressing) I eat out a lot during the week so I have to be careful with the macros at restaurants. Dinner is usually some sort of grilled meat along with asparagus or Brussel sprouts (my fav) and sweet potato or rice if carbs are still needed to reach my numbers. I also try to get a protein shake in within 30 minutes post wod. My coach likes me to consume 30% of my carbs prior to a workout. I’m a 5pm CFS gal so I normally eat half a Lenny & Larry cookie around 4:30 and a pre-workout drink on my way to the gym. I snack around 10:30 each day and that may be a greek yogurt or a handful of almonds or rice cake with PB2. LOTS OF WATER!!!!! I try to drink at least 120 ounces of water daily. I keep my 32 ounce Yeti on me at all times. Usually 4 of those a day.

Does your diet change depending on the amount of training that day?

Yes, on days that I do the programmed wod I consume all my macro numbers (170 carbs, 150 proteins and 52 fats). Days that I do not workout at all, I decrease my carbs by 30 grams (140 carbs). Fats and proteins are the same, and then once a week if I get in a really intense wod (such as Murph) I am allowed a “Re-Feed Day” which gives me 100 extra carbs. And although my choice of the 100 extra carbs would equate to 4 Miller Lites, I try to refrain and eat actual good carbs. I also try to get in a HIIT cycle 3x a week. Usually on the rower. 3 minute warm up, 5 sets of 20 sec sprints 40 sec steady and 3 minute cool down. I really started noticing a difference in body composition when I started the HIIT cycles plus it has helped my cardio.

Do you implement a cheat meal? If so...when, how often and what are you eating?

I don’t really have cheat meals, but I will sacrifice food carbs for a couple of cold beers on the weekend! On days that I have something planned where I may grab a beer or two, I will eat a more protein / fat based breakfast and lunches so that I don’t use up all my carbs. Same with pizza…..I have to get my pizza fix in so I will go ahead and add the pizza meal to My Fitness Pal for that day and simply eat around that meal for the remainder of the day.

What are you current diet goals?

My goal going into this was to drop 30 pounds. 8 years ago I was 125 pounds and I wasn’t nearly as strong but I liked my physique. I was an “Anytime Fitness Elliptical Badass”. As we sometimes do, I got “fat and happy” and was consuming alcohol on a daily basis and eating whatever I wanted thinking that my metabolism would still be that of a 18 year old. Even when I began crossfit, I was defeating the purpose by not fueling my body to compliment my workouts. So I was basically working out to maintain instead of losing weight and gaining strength. Then I was slapped with Multiple Sclerosis and had to be on steroid IV’s for months and that will swell you up in a hurry! January I started WAG at 168 pounds. I am on week 21 and have lost 19.5 pounds so far and a total of 17 inches collectively from hips, chest and waist. It takes lots of discipline and patience, but I feel great, my energy level and strength have increased, my MS is in remission and I am fitting back in my skinny jeans!

What is your biggest diet challenge (family, time, prep, etc.)?

Biggest challenge is our spontaneous plans….Mark and I are always up for meeting friends out or last minute change of dinner plans, etc. so when I don’t plan I sometimes find myself in a macro pickle! I don’t meal prep a lot due to our schedules and we are always on the go.

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