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Next up we've got a full-time mom, wife, nurse practitioner and 2014 CrossFit Games athlete. Marty takes us through the challenges of attempting to balance life, diets, fitness and setting the right example for her kids (all 5 of them). This is real life dieting, check it out...

How would you classify your diet (Zone, Paleo, Flexible Dieting, Macros, etc.)?

I really don't follow a specific "diet" so to speak, I would like to think I'm a pretty healthy eater, overall. Though I did (try) to watch my macros for a few months around "the Open", I was focusing on 200 carbs/175protein/55 fats...that was enlightening, and it did help me loose that last bit of baby weight.

Would you say your intake is more quantity or quality based?

I really do try to maintain a quality focus on what I choose to fuel my body. I really can't justify eating pop-tarts as a means to properly fuel this "machine" (ha!). But I'm not opposed to a little ice cream once in a while or a glass of wine. (That's for my kid's sake...HA!)

What does a typical day of food look like for you (types of food and/or amounts, timing around workouts...just a typical diet plan for a regular training day)?

I eat eggs every day for breakfast, usually with a piece of toast or fruit; protein shake mid morning, then a BIG salad for lunch with a meat and a bit of rice/hot veggie, dinner is usually a meat & a sweet potato or rice. I have a hard time timing my intake around my workouts, mainly because I'm never sure when I'm actually going to be able to get to do a WOD. Honestly, I can't say that that has ever really made a big difference to me (timing my food around my workouts)...

Does your diet change depending on the amount of training that day?

I'm just lucky to get to the gym at training days are not really hard/heavy lately so eat "status quo" for now

Do you implement a cheat meal? If so...when, how often and what are you eating?

Those happen, I'd say once or twice a week. Usually it's when the kids convince me to order pizza, or a weekend meal, if we get a chance to go out.

What are you current diet goals?

I really just want to be the healthiest version of my self and fueling properly. I don't have time to feel like shit throughout the day, and what we put in our bodies, is directly related to how we feel. It is also very important that my children learn by positive example. If they see me filling my plate with seconds, just because I like the taste of the food, or we go through the drive through, just because that is "easier", well, then what am I teaching them?.. I would like to lose 5 lbs (but wouldn't everyone?)... though if that meant losing 10 lbs off my BS/DL, well I might think twice about it....

What is your biggest diet challenge (family, time, prep, etc.)?

Oh I wish one of the grocery stores in my area had a drive through service...If I could just order the foods that we need on-line and then pick up the groceries, that would be golden for me.!!! I do enjoy prepping food, but I don't do more than a day or two in advance. My other challenge is dinner time, it is the end of the day, I'm (usually) "done" by then, and so to stay on track can be tough. Though I try not to eat anything after 7p.

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