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Asa Brown...20 years old, 2x Atlantic Regional Athlete (Team CFS 2015 and Individual 2016), Fittest Man in South Carolina 2016, finished 16th at the 2016 Atlantic Regional with 2 Top 10 event finishes and built like the Greek God of Meatballs. He's a macro dieter who tracks his food religiously and isn't scared to routinely take down a pop tart or two. Asa also does macro programming for athletes on the side, so if you are interested in having him prescribe nutritional quantities for you give him a shout at the gym and he'll get you all set up.

How would you classify your diet (Zone, Paleo, Flexible Dieting, Macros, etc.)?

I would classify my diet as being a flexible diet based around specific prescribed macronutrient (protein,fats, and carbohydrates) numbers. I weigh, track, and measure all of my food.

Would you say your intake is more quantity or quality based?

I would say that my food intake is more quantity based, but most of my calories still come from whole foods.

What does a typical day of food look like for you (types of food and/or amounts, timing around workouts...just a typical diet plan for a regular training day)?

My diet looks like the following: 200g of protein 500g carbs 100g of fat

Early Morning/ Pre-workout meal: Peanut butter pop tart with a protein shake while I'm getting ready to head to the gym

Post Workout shake: BCAAs or protein shake with 50 grams of carbs from dextrose

Post Workout Meal: 3 whole eggs 6 oz egg whites 17g of spinach 40g of cheese 100g of steel cuts oats 150g of fat free greek yogurt mixed in

Lunch: 6-8 oz of baked chicken breast 255g of white rice 345g of broccoli

Pre-Workout Meal: 3 Rice cakes or banana and BCAAs

Post Workout Meal: 5-8 oz Lean ground beef 255g of white rice 100g of spinach, chopped onions and peppers/tomatoes (and any other random veggies I can find to add volume)

Last meal/Dessert: 285g of fat free greek yogurt 2 fiber one brownies 1oz almonds 75-100g of chex cinnamon cereal Almond Milk

*I will add in other random foods such as peanut butter, bananas, grapes, weird combo, etc to ensure I hit my macros.

Does your diet change depending on the amount of training that day?

My diet stays relatively the same for everyday because I notice my body likes when my food intake is the same across the board even if I don’t train twice a day or it is a rest day.

Do you implement a cheat meal? If so...when, how often and what are you eating?

Most people would say I have a cheat day every day… I classify a cheat day as not tracking or measuring my intake of food for 24 hours.I have scheduled and controlled cheat days about once every two months where I won’t track or measure any of the food I eat. If I feel beat up and mentally need a break from my diet sooner than that then I will implement a controlled “refeed day”.

What are you current diet goals?

My current diet goal has a main focus on ensuring that I am recovering from workouts well, but also to slowly gain muscle while losing body fat simultaneously.

What is your biggest diet challenge (family, time, prep, etc.)?

My biggest diet challenge is going out to eat for dates or social events. Going out to eat can be challenging at times because I weigh and measure everything, but restaurants don’t always do that or aren’t accurate on their portions. I am very OCD about tracking my food so this can throw me for a loop sometimes. Myfitnesspal has really stepped up their game and allowed it to be easier, but still isn’t always the best.

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