09/30/2013 KLOKOV DELICIOUSNESS ***REMINDER: OCTOBER ATHLETE DUES ONLINE OR IN THE BUCKET NO LATER THAN THE 9TH (NEXT WEDNESDAY). THANKS!*** ***THERE WILL BE A NOONER TODAY (TUESDAY)*** CFS WOD - Tuesday 1OCT2013 SKILL: With a 16:00 running clock: EVEN minutes: 3 Handstand Push Ups (DIFFICULT) ODD minutes: 5 Pull Ups (DIFFICULT) *Athletes should attempt to work 1 progression above their current skill level on both movements, but all reps should still be able to be completed in the minute provided. Use smaller bands on the HSPU, move to the wall, no mat, no wall, etc. Use small bands on the Pull Ups, no bands, strict, strict C-2-B, etc. METCON: 10 Pull Ups 15 Kettlebell Swings (M

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