APRIL 2013

04/30/2013 PONY BOY ***THERE WILL BE A NOONER TODAY (WEDNESDAY)*** ***THE NEW ATHLETE TRACKING SOFTWARE/PROGRAM IS NOT GOING TO BE READY TO GO TOMORROW SO...AS PAINFUL AS IT IS...MAKE SURE YOU START A NEW CARD FOR MAY. MEMBERSHIP DUES ONLINE OR IN THE BUCKET NO LATER THAN THE 10TH (NEXT FRIDAY). THANKS!*** CFS WOD - Wednesday 1MAY2013 STRENGTH TEST: 20 minutes to establish a 3RM Thruster METCON: "DEATH BY SQUAT CLEANS" M-135#/F-95# *With a running clock perform 1 Squat Clean the 1st minute, 2 Squat Cleans the 2nd minute, 3 Squat Cleans the 3rd minute, etc... **Continue until the athlete is unable to complete the required amount of reps in the allotted minute. Posted on 04/30/2013 at 0

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