02/28/2013 'BOUT TO GET TACTICAL ***THERE WILL BE A NOONER TODAY (FRIDAY)*** ***THERE WILL NOT BE A 7AM OR 8AM CLASS THIS MORNING*** CFS WOD - Friday 1MAR2013 STRENGTH: 20 Back Squats *Add 5# to the load used last Friday **This is an unbroken set METCON: Partner WOD 10 Handstand Push Ups 10 18' Shuttle Runs 10 Hand Release Burpees x10 *Teams of 2 **Only 1 partner working at a time ***Partner 1 completes a round and then partner 2 completes a round for a total of 10 rounds per team Posted on 02/28/2013 at 11:22 PM in BACK SQUAT, PARTNER WOD | Permalink | Comments (0) |TrackBack (0) READ IT AND CARRY OUT THE PLAN OF THE DAY Check out these 2 quick reads when you get a hot minute tod

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