JULY 2012

07/22/2012 AND THE RIMS KEEP SPINNIN' CFS WOD - Monday 23JUL2012 MOBILITY/SKILL: 5 Minutes of Shoulder Mobility 10 Minutes of Power Clean work *Focus on getting the bar into the pockets, solid catch with the hips, and big elbows METCON: ***PROGRAMMED BY DR. SKA*** 3 Minute AMRAP: 6 Power Cleans (M-155#/F-105#) 6 Pull Ups x5 *REST 2 Minutes between rounds **Score total rounds + reps completed ***Start each round where you finished the last (EXAMPLE: Athlete finishes 6 Power Cleans and 3 Pull Ups on the 1st rounds. The athlete will start the next round with 3 Pull Ups.) CORE WORK: 21-15-9 GHD Sit Ups GHD Hip Ext Posted on 07/22/2012 at 10:07 PM in METCON, MOBILITY, POWER CLEAN,

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