JULY 2009

07/31/2009 HAIR OF THE DOG CF Spartanburg Workout of the Day(WOD): Max Reps Back Squats in 2 Minutes (M-135#/F-95#) 400m Run 25 Knees-to-Elbow 400m OverHead Carry (M-75#/F-35#) 25 Knees-to-Elbow 400m Farmer's Carry (M-2x55# Kettlebells/F-2x35# Kettlebells) ***3 Burpee penalty to be paid-out at the end of the WOD everytime the barbell/kettlebell is dropped/lowered during the overhead carry/farmer's carry (10 drops = 30 burpees). Athlete can't move unless weight is locked out overhead on the overhead carry. Clock stops when the burpees are complete.*** Robert from CrossFit Daytona stopped by this week for a few WODs. Check out his site and take a look at his WOD programming. The benchmark

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